Christian Warrior Academy


An introduction to Three Treatises on Spiritual Art of Swordsmanship
and Short Comment on Grace and Action in YESHUA-DO SHIMMYO-KEN RYU
- Christian View on the Art of Swordsmanship -
By Sensei/Rev.Vitold Jordan
(Originally published in Iowa, Apr.2003; improved in the Yukon, Jan.2009)

"To know (believe) and to act are one and the same".
- WANG YANG MING, Chinese philosopher

It is said in the past by great warriors in China: "A sword by itself rules nothing. It comes alive only through skilful mastery. Be strong, yet gentle. This is the way to rule." And this is true - the mastery in martial arts leads to deep understanding of life and self-improvement of character through discipline, warrior's values, and virtue can enhance our will power, even hope and so our faith. So it's beneficial. 
Good to notice that we learn martial skills in order to prevail in an encounter. And certainly don’t spend years of training in order to be defeated. But martial art training involves much more than merely learning how to injure or kill person in fighting. So learning practical “street-fighting” skills, or carrying the swords under belt, walking down the street and cutting with katana at the enemy to defend himself like the samurai of old sounds rather ridiculous. Winning then is not merely defeating an opponent; it’s perfecting yourself, both personal character, spirituality, and skills, and to the degree that an opponent cannot prevail against you. Physical skills alone, no matter how highly perfected, are simply not enough. There will be always someone more skilful, or playing dirty tricks for which you are unprepared, and you can lose. But always attitude/character is more important than skills alone in real combat. Therefore people who are trained in a Christian way of swordsmanship will probably never be engaged in a real sword combat – and paradoxically that’s the greatest benefit of sword training. So, those who are involved in such training rather skill themselves in developing inwardly which goes beyond physical level of self-defense in order to refine mental and spiritual aspects. Therefore, the art of the sword develops and cultivates true qualities of character to improve one’s experience in daily life, and only handfuls adequately emphasize it in practice today. For this reason, the training in this seemingly “impractical” art is far more practical than some might think of. Henceforth, the highest purpose of swordsmanship in a Christian way is to develop the mind of the warrior, an attitude and strength of character that wins the battle before it ever begins. And that takes years of daily commitment to cultivate these attributes and to rid oneself of bad attitudes, habits, and reactions, such as: fear, selfishness, hate, anger, and etc. in order to be victorious without fighting, or even trying to win by force. Since winning without fighting is the true ideal of Yeshua-Do Shimmyo-Ken Ryu Iai-Jutsu.