Christian Warrior Academy

 Christian Warrior Academy

 Bible College

Christian Martial Arts Association of Knightly Brotherhood 

"Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death.

Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong. That is your oath..."

 Faith in Christ - Chivalry - Righteousness - Justice - Loyalty - Courage - Nobility - Humility - Defense - Prowess - Truth - Faithfulness - Prudence - Courtesy - Temperance - Discipline - Diligence - Charity Gratitude- Sagacity - Zeal - Hope- Valour - Resolution - Chastity - Fearlessness- Peacefulness - Forgiveness - Liberty  

 The teaching at the Christian Warrior Academy is focused on:

(the program page is in construction, thanks for your patience)


  1. Foundation and Doctrine of Christian Faith

v  Founded On The Rock

v  God's Plan of Salvation (Through Repentance To a Living Faith)

v  The Bible: Authority And Power Of God’s Word

v  Understanding the Nature of God: The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit

v  Baptisms (Immersion In Water & Immersion In The Spirit)

v  Worship & Prayer

v  Evangelism

v  Faith And Works

v  Transmitting God’s Power

v  At The End Of Time (the Second Coming of Christ)

v  Resurrection Of The Body

v  Final Judgment


  1. Healing & Deliverance



  1. Moral and Ethical Conduct - Holiness, Charity, Justice & Righteousness



  1. Leadership



  1. Warriorship in the Bible and Christian History

v  Learn From History

v  Warriors in Old Testament

v  Is it right to defend yourself?

v  Understanding Christian Militancy (Creeds, Values, Virtue, Ethics, Morals, Chivalry)

v  Sun Tsu, "Art of War"; Musashi, "Go Rin No Sho"; Samurai Yagyu Tradition "Life-Giving Sword"; Yamaoka Teshu, Morihei Uyeshiba "Art of Peace"

v  Warrior-Kings: Constantine, Charlemagne, Crusades, Knights Orders (Soldiers of Christ)

v  Conflict, Warfare, Peace

v  Kingdoms of Men, Kingdom of Satan, and Kingdom of God

v  Warrior as a Sensei and Father

v  Freeing The Imprisoned Warrior

v  Warrior Mind (Awaken Mind)

v  Pilgrimage to Non-violence

v  Understanding the Holy War Within (Fighting With a Shadow)

v  True Victory - Self-victory


  1. Healthy Life-style and Fitness

v  God's Plan For Healing Our Bodies


  1. Family Values and Integrity


  1. Power Evangelism and Revival



  1. Spiritual Gifts

v  Receive The Holy Spirit

v  Baptism In The Holy Spirit: Goal Or Gateway

v  Nine Supernatural Gifts (Gifts That Cannot Be Earned)

v  The Nature of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit (Limitations of Spiritual Gifts)

v  Interpreting And Prophesying

v  Vocal Gifts

v  How To Exercise Interpretation And Prophecy

v  Gifts Of Power And Revelation


  1. Prophetic

v  How to Approach Biblical Prophecy

v  Fierce Times To Come (Pressures, Tests And Challenges)

v  First Discover The “Spine”

v  True Spiritual Authority vs. Counterfeit Spiritual Authority

v  Four Categories Of People Impacted By Christ’s Return

v  You Can Come Through Victorious

v  How to Enter Into This Life Of Fulfillment

v  Why We Need Prophets Today

v  Growing in Spiritual Sensitivity

v  Levels of Interpretation

v  Interpretation of Dreams and Visions

v  Prophesy and Spiritual Warfare

v  Watchman on the Wall (Vigilant Warriors)

v  Speak Words of Life


  1. Spiritual Warfare  & Power of Prayer

v  How To become a Mighty Warrior in Prayer

v  Secret To Spiritual Growth

v  Intimacy Awakens the True Prayer

v  Prayerlessness is Sin

v  Praise and Worship

v  Listening Before Speaking

v  Welcome To the Throne

v  You Must Prevail Before God

v  The Dynamic of Faith

v  The Dynamic of Desire

v  The Dynamic of the Spirit

v  The Dynamic of Perseverance

v  The Dynamic of Unity/Agreement

v  Secret of Fasting (Powers From Within)

v  How to Carry Burden

v  Wrestling in Prayer

v  Strategies in Prayer Warfare

v  Proclamations

v  Dangers in Prayer Warfare

v  How To Bind Satan

v  The Militant Use of Yeshua's Name!

v  How To Pledge Before God

v  Victories Prayers

 Vitold and Fr.James Henderson (Cistercian Monk) during spiritual conversation, New Melleray Abbey (Monastery), Iowa, USA, September 2002'

 Fathers James Henderson and Thomas MacMaster sharing interest in Yeshua-Do training with the samurai sword, New Melleray Abbey, April 2003'

  Sensei Vitold 13 years later teaching Yeshua-Do at YAMA, Yukon, Canada

Blessed be the Lord, my Rock, who trains my hands to fight, and my fingers for warfare"

- Psalm 144:2

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